Schelling area storage system

Storage technology of the highest level

To harmonise the cutting solution with board handling, there is the Schelling area storage system: Our motto is cut-to-size saws and storage from a single source. Schelling offers storage technology at the highest technological level for this.

Schelling's area storage system implements a multitude of innovations and tried-and-tested functions. From servo drive technology to automated waste disposal.


Outstanding features

  • Storage of wooden materials in sheets of various types and sizes
  • Secure handling of sheets by automated transport
  • Efficient and quick storage and retrieval
  • Storage and retrieval is possible over various storage areas
  • Optimal space usage in the warehouse
  • Automated infeed of the cut-to-size saws and plants
  • Use of space below the guideways up to the protective grid
Workpiece length:    
  max. 6,100 mm 240''
Workpiece width:    
  max. 2,600 mm 102''
Workpiece weight:    
  max. 300 kg 661 lbs
Max. length of carriage beam:    
  max. 100 m (larger beam lengths upon request 3,937 ''
Span width of bridge:    
vs 8 4 – 8 m 157 – 315''
vs 12 8 – 12 m 315 – 427''
vs 16 12 – 16 m 472 – 630''
Stacking height:    
  2,000 mm (different heights upon request) 79''
x axis (bridge) max. 150 m/min 492 ft/min'
y axis (trolley) max. 150 m/min 492 ft/min
z axis (lifting unit) max. 60 m/min 197 ft/min
Vector speed max. 212 m/min 696 ft/min
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